The AutoFair Subaru Brake Service Difference…

When it comes to automobile safety, nothing is more important than an accurately running brake system. Proper and timely brake inspections are necessary to both the safety and efficiency of your vehicle.  At AutoFair Subaru of Plaistow, NH we use Subaru approved factory parts and brake fluid to keep the brake system of your vehicle operating efficiently.

Your Complete Brake Service Includes:
LIFETIME Brake Pad Warranty on Subaru Brake pads.
Fluid services available with Lifetime Warranty
            through Valvoline.
Certified brake technicians perform all of the work.
The right repair by the right technician saves you 
            time and money.

Your brake system is one of the most indispensable components of your entire vehicle and it may eventually wear down, requiring maintenance and periodic service. It is best not to let it wear down to the point that you start to hear a telltale squeal or feel the violent shudder coming from the front end as you apply the brake pedal. The telltale squeal you're hearing, may mean that the brake pads are wearing away. This could lead to the brake shoe starting to become metal to metal with your brake rotors, a condition you want to take care before it happens.

At AutoFair Subaru of Plaistow, New Hampshire we understand that proper and timely brake inspections are important to the condition of your brakes and we will always check the condition of your brakes, when you come in for a tire service. In fact, you may want to look at your tires to see if there is any brake dust on your wheel rims, a clear indication you may be braking to hard. This could mean your tires aren't providing the proper traction needed to work with your brakes when stop your vehicle. A sure sign that you may be braking too hard too often is the presence of brake dust on you wheel rims.

If you have to depress the brake pedal more often than you're usually accustomed to doing, or your brake pedal is lacking the resistance it used to have when you push down on it, you should consider scheduling an appointment at AutoFair Subaru of Plaistow, NH. These are clear signs that it is time for brake inspection and you should avoid putting it off too long before it grows into a more serious problem. At AutoFair Subaru of Plaistow, NH, our certified Subaru brake technicians take their jobs seriously and we only use Subaru approved parts and brake fluid to keep your braking system operating optimally. If you have concerns about your brakes, don't wait! Schedule a brake inspection with us today for your own piece of mind. Even if you don't own a Subaru, we're able to service the brake systems on almost every and model of vehicle. 

Discover for yourself the AutoFair Subaru of Plaistow Service Difference for your brake inspections and repairs. With decades of professional auto service experience in the New England area, our trained service advisor staff is here to answer any question you may have about your vehicle and brake system. They're here to help you through the entire service process and we offer same-day appointments and convenient shuttle service 

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