Expiring Subaru Lease

Is your Subaru Lease Expiring Soon? You Have Options!

AutoFair Subaru of Haverhill is your leasing headquarters. No matter where you initially leased your Subaru, you can turn it in at AutoFair Subaru in Haverhill. We accept all Subaru lease turn-ins.

Upon returning your leased Subaru, you have multiple options:
  1. Get a New Subaru. One of the great benefits of leasing is that you can turn-in the vehicle you have been driving for a new model, with updated safety, and technology. Whether you want to lease a newer version of what you've been driving, or a different Subaru model altogether, it's up to you to choose!
  2. Purchase the Subaru you leased. So you've grown fond of your Subaru. Some might call it true love. But your lease is up? No problem! Your Subaru can stay as part of your family. At the end of your lease, you can purchase it outright, or finance the remaining balance owed, and you won't have to part with your Subaru.
  3. Turn in your leased Subaru, and get a new car later. Timing is everything. Your lease is up, and you either don't need another car right this second, or there are some other circumstances where you need to delay your next purchase. It happens. Turn it in, and when you're ready, we'll have a new Subaru ready for you with a legendary AutoFair deal to match.
No matter which option you take, AutoFair Subaru's leasing specialist is available to assist you along the way. Ask For:

Devin Looney 
AutoFair Subaru of Haverhill
Leasing Specialist
(888) 804-7505

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