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For the majority of people, buying a new or used vehicle requires getting approval for a loan to help finance the purchase. Those with subpar credit scores or with no established credit, though, will find it more difficult to get approved. The good news is that options exist to help people with credit challenges.


You've probably heard of subprime auto loaning: lending designed for those with less than stellar credit. If you're in this camp, it may be tempting to jump into the first subprime loan offer you get, but it's not the best idea to rush in to anything. Consider a few different lenders and compare their pros and cons, and get some guidance from a trustworthy professional. Working with an experienced Subaru financing team member can remove a lot of the uncertainty and make the process far less of a headache.


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The exceptional Subaru financing team will help you make sense of your options when you've had past or current issues obtaining credit. With their help, you can make a more deliberate plan for financing a new or pre-owned Subaru. While it's true that many Americans carry a low credit score (after all, nobody's perfect!), many still manage to get their hands on new or used vehicles with the right kind of helping hand. For the majority of these people, that help has been a subprime loan. This somewhat specialized lending will allow you the chance to improve your credit score if you make every payment on time.


Bad Credit Car Loan Explained


Whatever your financial situation is, Subaru's experienced team is there to help you find a solution. If your credit score has fallen below 620, you are within subprime loan territory. These loans will carry higher interest rates (but if you are diligent enough to pay it off ahead of the stated terms, you can save interest that way). As part of the initial process, an auto-loan lender will ask to see proof of income, including pay stubs, W-2s, or 1099 forms. If you are denied the first time around, don't fret, as another potential lender might be more flexible. In the end, with tenacity and proper professional guidance, you should find yourself behind the wheel of a new Subaru soon.

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