Cold weather comes early to New England in the fall, and it sticks around well into the spring. Adventurous people are Subaru's target market - especially people who enjoy winter outdoor activities. If you have a Subaru already or are thinking of purchasing one, you might be interested in some of the many special wintertime accessories that the automaker has available. With this selection of high-quality essentials for cold weather, you'll be more ready than ever for the chilly months.


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Subaru Embroidered Apparel


Subaru provides a variety of apparel items that are as stylish as they are functional. Mom was absolutely right when she said you lose most of your body heat through your head. Subaru's collection of hats and beanies will help you hang on to that heat during the harshest winter days. The selection includes warm beanies in fun styles: yellow scrunch, blue-cuffed waffle-knit, confetti-colored, and black sherpa-lined. There are also plenty of sweaters, sweatshirts, and jackets ranging from toasty fleece to moisture-wicking polyester.


Subaru has partnered with excellent clothing companies that cater to the same active demographic: Eddie Bauer and Kuhl. There are ladies' and men's blue pullovers, regular sweatshirts and hoodies, a half-zip Kuhl microsuede pullover, Kuhl down jackets, waterproof nylon jackets with sherpa lining, heavy-duty sherpa-lined cotton-canvas jackets, parkas, insulated puffer jackets, and an Eddie Bauer full-zip fleece jacket. Women especially have a lot of choices with sherpa hoodies and fleece jackets, plus scarves, gloves, and socks with the Subaru logo. And you WRX fans can even get a fleece pullover embroidered with the logo of your favorite fast car.


Handy Accessories


If you're planning on taking a weekend getaway to play in the snow or you just need the essentials for your cold morning commute, Subaru has what you need, starting with a foam-handled snowbrush. There's even an all-new Subaru-branded snowboard that's made in the U.S. by Lib Tech. You can pack your stuff in a Parkland (faux leather) or Danville (polyester) duffel bag for those wintry weekend getaways. Are you tough enough for wintertime camping? These Subaru accessories will make it a lot more pleasant: a portable coffee maker, logo mugs, thermoses, a fire starter tool, a Barrow spork, a Nomadix blanket, and a Subaru fleece rollup blanket. For safety and well-being on the road, the Subaru Severe Weather Companion and roadside emergency kit include everything you need to handle the unexpected.


Miscellaneous Upgrades for Your Subaru Vehicle


You can also outfit your Subaru with upgrades that will help support things such as towing, cargo organization, and protection from the elements. If you're pulling snowmobiles, Subaru has the trailer hitch you'll need. For skis, snowboards, and rooftop cargo carriers, there are roof rails and crossbar sets made just for the Subaru model that you drive. Coordinating cargo trays, nets, and organizers will keep everything secure and easy to find inside the car. And to protect your Subaru from the snow and ice, you can purchase a car-cover bag, all-weather durable floor mats, and splash guards.

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